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Reinstatement cost assessment

Appointing a skilled specialist is crucial to the process.

Most insurance companies require a professional evaluation of a building’s rebuild cost in the event of total destruction.

We provide the following services:

  • Detailed reinstatement cost assessments
  • Annual index linked updates of reinstatement cost assessments
  • Portfolio management of reinstatement cost services
  • Insurance event reinstatement works and management

Known as a Reinstatement Cost Assessment (RCA), their accuracy is crucial in ensuring that property is adequately insured and carrying out an RCA is a highly technical exercise. It is equally important to ensure that a property is not over insured, resulting in increased premiums.

We work across all property sectors, combining our technical skills and significant knowledge to provide highly accurate RCAs both for ‘one-off’ and high volume portfolio instructions.

Accurate assessments

Appointing a skilled specialist is crucial to the process and at Black Cat we have experience across all property sectors in providing a comprehensive, cost-effective and consistent service across the UK and Ireland. We offer particular expertise in portfolio management – a service designed specifically for asset managers requiring ongoing and active RCA management.

Where we are commissioned to provide an RCA, annual index linked updates can then be provided for the following two years; though we recommend that RCAs are reviewed in detail every three years.

Where we are commissioned to provide a Building Survey, we generally prepare RCAs at the same time to save our clients time and money.

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