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Planned Preventative Maintenance & Life Cycle Management

This high level report is designed to be the foundation stone of your long term asset management strategy.

We offer a fully integrated building fabric and engineering services solution to provide tailored reports and schedules which outline effective management strategies to ensure a built asset’s long-term condition is of the highest standard and its value is enhanced.

We provide the following services:

  • Asset snapshot report
  • Planned preventative maintenance schedule (PPMS)
  • Condition survey
  • Maintenance Strategies
  • Capital Expenditure Planning
  • Reporting and Management
  • Procurement of Maintenance Works
  • Contract Administration of Maintenance Works packages

Whether you have recently acquired an asset or it has been on the books for years, the Asset ‘Snapshot’ Report is a fresh look with a clean pair of eyes. This high level report is designed to be the foundation stone of your long term asset management strategy. The report will identify areas where money needs to be spent to maintain the asset value, where it could be spent to enhance the asset and what the implications of not spending the money would be.

Cost effective solutions

Drawing on our extensive experience in dealing with buildings of all sizes across multiple sectors, our Planned Preventative Maintenance schedules identify, accurately cost and program current and predicted repairs, maintenance and replacements (to both the building fabric and its services) according to age, condition and other factors.

We seek to assist owners and occupiers in understanding the financial implications of maintenance activities allowing them to set effective maintenance porogrammes with realistic budgets.

We provide total flexibility in producing schedules to suit exact requirements from broad overviews to detailed schedules of works that can easily be converted into specifications. We also offer competitive and comprehensive project services, for the implementation of these works should this be required.

Our expertise in Landlord and Tenant matters also means that where a Landlord seeks to recover repair costs from Tenants via a service charge, we recognise the importance of transparency – both in terms of proposed works and costs – and strive to secure vitally important, all-party support and cost apportionment for a scheme.

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