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Construction Design Management

Design decisions should not only conform to the requirements of the CDM Regulations, but also contribute to creating an aesthetically pleasing building that provides value for money for clients.

Our team of CDM consultants utilise a mix of skills and experience of working with a cross section of clients to offer the flexibility to meet short term demand fluctuations of projects through in design development and the challenges of project constraints, whether it be cost, programme or even undertaking work in a city centre environment.

Our consultants ensure the flow of information is managed, share and relevant with the design entities and the high-risk challenges to the design are being identified, critically assessed, and eliminated as far as is practicable.

We provide the following services:

  • Delivering strategic health and safety advice to Clients in-line with latest regulations and recommendations.
  • Undertaking the Principal Designer and Principal Designer Advisor roles.
  • Assisting Clients to undertake their obligations under the CDM Regulations and provide training to Clients and other CDM Duty Holder.
  • Black Cat CDM work to safeguard the team’s legal position under the Regulations. We Work closely with the Design team, Chair coordinated hazard and design review meetings.
  • Help designers to demonstrate hazard avoidance, reduction and control and support a positive view of CDM management standards in the UK.

Our CDM Consultants support clients by creating an aesthetically pleasing building that provides value for money for Clients, reduce costs, delays and bad publicity resulting from accidents or ill health by ensure cleaning, maintenance and repair issues have been thought through and emphasis has been placed on collective safety measures rather than personal protective equipment which will incur training, maintenance and renewal costs.

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