Congratulations to Brett Lea for passing your class1 HGV test. Four of the Black Cat team are now qualified class 1 drivers.

We see many logistics schemes each week, whilst undertaking technical due diligence for investors and occupiers, that are poorly designed or compromised. Even experienced professionals and developers can overlook the practicalities and efficiencies of a logistics asset if they do not view them from an occupiers/driver’s perspective.

As class 1 drivers, we instantly see the issues, whether it be the approach to the gatehouse, incorrect yard circulation, blind manoeuvres, insufficient space for vehicle manoeuvres, incompatible docks for the operators fleet, the list goes on.

We identify the issues early on, we fix them and we ensure that the schemes are not compromised. We are able to give the assets the best possible chance of occupation, as quickly as possible.

We are actively training more of our surveyors and project managers to drive HGVs and to understand an asset from an operational perspective. It seems to be a unique approach in our industry.

If you want to give your asset the best possible chance of success, employ a project manager with real life experience of using the asset, employ a surveyor who is a HGV driver. If you can’t find a project manager or chartered surveyor, who is a HGV driver, then one who is also a farmer is a close second best!

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