Our vision is to be different, a little disruptive whilst remaining relevant, credible and dynamic.

The world evolves at speed and we have been evolving, to offer ESG advice that is practical and relevant to our clients.  Our clients demand practical advice and they challenge us to answer the ‘so what’ of everything we do.  

We are ambitious, we will take a leap when it’s the right thing to do.  We have a unique opportunity to influence the built environment, how property assets interact with the environment and to limit their demands or even stop the impact they have upon the environment.  

Our achievements so far:

  1. Developed a 2025 Net Zero Carbon Pathway for our business.
  2. Achieved ISO14001 for Environmental Control.
  3. Enabled the whole team to have Electric Cars
  4. Encourage the use of a Bike to Work Scheme 
  5. Supported the undaunted expedition to the South pole (read on)

We are now focused upon

  1. Developing our ESG service 
  2. Embedding ESG throughout the advice that we deliver 
  3. Developing expertise in the market as leaders for ESG Consultation

Read about our progress on our goals here

Read more about our service lines here

We have been very fortunate to invest in Robert Swan and his “Undaunted” efforts to complete an expedition to the South Pole.  Robert’s challenge ticked all of the boxes with WOW whilst being extremely credible and relevant at this time. 

We wanted to share a little message from Robert received from him during his excursion!   We can’t change the world on our own but together we make huge progress and achieve amazing things.

Find out more about his expeditions here: https://robertswan.com/current-expeditions/

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