About us

Black Cat are an independent building consultancy formed in 2015 by three surveyors who wanted to create a firm which is open and transparent for its employees and delivers an excellent service to its clients.

As an experienced team we pride ourselves in presenting solutions with costs and timescales and not just problems.

  • Nationwide service

    We operate across the United Kingdom, from our offices in Manchester, Bristol, London and Birmingham.

  • Best in class service

    All our staff are employed at Associate Director level and above, ensuring that we are able to provide best in class service to our clients.

  • Technical support & honest advice

    Our team of experienced individuals provide technically proficient and commercially focused advice and support our clients and we are not shy about providing an opinion.

  • Working together

    We work collaboratively with our clients and we pride ourselves on getting under the skin of your business so that we can tailor our advice to your specific requirement and facilitate the best outcomes.


Environmental Social Governance

Black Cat recognise how our principles align to our internal and external stakeholders and impact the moral and ethical obligations of the business, but it also brings out the best in our business and it resides in our DNA. Our varied interactions in the built environment provides us with amazing opportunities to positively impact our environment and society.

Our environmental, social and governance responsibilities are at the centre of our values and dictate the way we operate and deliver for our clients. It makes Black Cat a very special business to work with and for.

With our ESG strategy, we aim to create a sustainable, diverse, and inclusive environment that positively impacts everyone we work with and the communities we operate in.

ESG Strategy

Read about it in our ESG Strategy here



In the Black Cat way, we are looking to lead the market with our Net Zero Carbon commitment, we also commit to utilise our expertise and experience to impart our knowledge to support clients in developing their as-built environments or projects with relevant and credible advice supporting a Net Zero Carbon and socially positive environment.

  • We commit to decarbonise our operations and supply chain, which includes reshaping how we serve clients, sustain reductions in carbon emissions from travel and ensure we increase use of zero carbon energy;
  • We will embed the implications of climate change and other Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) related factors across the work we do internally and with clients and the business
  • We will adhere to relevant corporate reporting standards that include comprehensive non-financial reporting practices;
  • We commit to aid research and collaboration where possible with other businesses, policy makers and organisations to accelerate the transition to a net zero economy.

ESG Strategy

Read about it in our Carbon Reduction Plan here

Work with us

We are always in the market for great people. If you are a proactive solution-driven person send us your CV and come and have a chat.

We offer a modern way of working for grown-ups which is completely different from any other business.

  • Transparency – The business is built on a transparent, open, and honest basis. Nothing is hidden and the whole team have complete visibility of everything we do.
  • Unlimited holidays – Take a break whenever you need it, no forms, and no requests. Often, we need a little time here and there for family matters and under our model you are free to manage your own time how you wish.
  • Productivity not Presenteeism - Work is something that we are passionate about, it is not somewhere we need to go or to be seen between certain times. We go about or work around our lives. We judge performance on client satisfaction not time at your desk.
  • Targets – We don’t have targets, false plans or strategies and we don’t have meetings to discuss them. We do what we do well and we are driven and the numbers will look after themselves.
  • Quarterly Bonuses – The team share 40% of the profits in a transparent way. Bonuses are paid on a quarterly basis with no prequalification requirements, no conditions, and no retentions.
  • Benefits – We offer the same benefits as all our competitors including health insurance, pension, car schemes, maternity and paternity pay and everything else you would expect.
  • Offices – When we are in the office, we ensure that the team are in the best possible environment; they decide on the space we take and we ensure that they have everything that they may need.
  • Equipment – We buy the best! We set the whole team up at home with everything they may need, as well as in the office. The answer is always yes, if there is equipment you need.

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