Tenant Alterations

Whether you are a Tenant or Landlord dealing with an upcoming lease transaction, it is in your best interests that tenant alterations are fully understood, agreed and documented. We have extensive experience of managing the often complicated issues involved in the tenant alterations process to ensure our client’s current and future interests are considered and protected.

We provide the following services:

Full review of Tenant Proposals with specialist advice if required;

Licence for Alterations Initial Report with recommendations;

Project Monitoring;

Inspection of completed works;

Licence for Alterations Final Report;

Schedule of Condition.


In our dilapidations works we often deal with disputes that could be avoided by the inclusion of a schedule of condition within the lease or a clearly worded licence for alterations.

A picture tells a thousand words and a Photographic Schedule of Condition signed by both parties and referenced within the lease lets everyone know where they stand. It is a definitive document that captures the condition of the demise at lease commencement and can be easily referenced at lease termination to ensure dilapidation repair claims are a true and fair reflection of the condition of the property and the tenants lease obligations.

As a Landlord, you want to get your tenant in and paying rent as soon as possible but you also want to ensure that the alterations that they make comply with statutory requirements, are completed to a high quality standard and do not negatively impact upon your built asset or other tenants. We have the experience and technical knowledge to manage the entire tenant alterations process for you. We review the designs, monitor progress and workmanship on site and work closely with your legal advisor’s to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

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Tenant Alterations