Contract Administration

Contract Administration is a key area of our business whether provided for a capital project or in conjunction with another service for example dilapidations or a planned maintenance project. The key to Contract Administration is balancing the three key performance indicators which are time, cost and quality through the mechanisms within the contract.

We provide the following services:

Advise on the most appropriate contract;

Preparation of Contract Documents, Drawings, Schedules & Specifications;

Robustly monitor contractor performance;

Ensure you pay the right amount at the right time;

Get your building project completed on time and to budget.

Well run contracts are good for the employer and contractor alike and can make the difference between success and failure.

Clear, unequivocal information on materials, work procedures and finishes are what a contractor needs to deliver the finished building to your expectations. We are experienced in many types of building contract and can advise on the most appropriate for your project.

We can prepare the contract documents, including drawings, schedules, specifications and penalty clauses. Once a project is under way, on-site monitoring of quality and progress is a key element of our work.


Many surveyors have learnt about the process of Contract Administration and are capable of administering a contract.  We differentiate ourselves in our practical ability and understanding of hands on building and fit out work.  Whether you are remedying defects, undertaking life cycle maintenance, refreshing your workspace or creating a new workspace, we can manage the process from conception through to completion.

By being proactive in our approach, getting involved with details on site and spending as much time as physically possible on site, we are able to pick up first-hand what the situation is on the ground to enable us to manage situations before they arise.

We pride ourselves on the consistently high quality of our service and the fact that our clients and the contractors, who are party to the contract, have access to us at all times to make decisions and maintain program, quality of the work and ensure that the project is delivered on budget.

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