Nicole Rosebury

My professional career began 4 years ago within a business which provided financial services to SME’s and the experience I received during this time has enabled me to fully understand the absolute importance of making sure we run smoothly as a company so that our clients receive the best possible service from us.

I ensure that my knowledge is constantly being tested and expanded upon so that I can provide our clients with the best service offering we can. By constantly learning new skills, I am able to make sure that clients of Black Cat are receiving the client experience available and that their requirements are being met by our constant strive for keeping on top of the latest technology updates.

I spend much of my downtime with my family, friends and partner socialising and enjoying life. I am a keen equestrian and take part in dressage competitions throughout the country to further develop my riding skills. Musical theatre, films and concerts are also particular interests of mine and are something which I try to attend at least once every month.
 07816 400789